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01. Post these rules before you give your facts
02. List 10 random facts about yourself
03. At the end of your post, tag 10 people and list their names Do it if you want

1. I am paranoid about using my real name on line. A few of you know it though ;) Besides, you can find out more about me by googling [personal profile] casett than my real name that is the same a an actor.

2. I love Wife Swap and Supernanny. They confirm my decision not to have children. Kids just aren't for everyone.

3. My first car was a shit brown Pontiac Parisienne. Whee that thing could go fast!

4. I have a new car. I can talk to the mirror and hear my phone calls through the radio. Ain't technology grand?

5. I like gardens but don't like to garden in the heat. So, my garden looks good until July then gets full of wilted plants and weeds. Gardening tip - mulch rocks! (Don't try to put rocks in the chipper - that wasn't a command)

6. My front porch railing needs painting. Any volunteers?

7. My parents are in their late 70's and never stop. My laziness isn't genetic. Mom had arthroscopic knee surgery on Wednesday and her biggest problem is that she keeps leaving her cane in the other room. How can that happen?

8. Our friends are having a garage sale so need to pull some junk out to sell. We have lots of junk that someone might pay for. Anyone want some Martin Mull records?

9. Did anyone else think Alan Tudyk looked hot on Dollhouse tonight? Oh - not a fact, just a question. I thought he did. Fact. Word.

10. I can't watch shows where the dog dies. Hated Legend.
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If you picked me as one of the people who make your day, I thank you very much. As an LJ friend I am somewhat inconsistent and, if you picked me, you already know I don't really do memes. But, because I am inconsistent and a rebel, I will do this meme without doing it.

You don't have to do this yourself and many of you already have.

I appreciate everyone on my friends list! <3 you all. But, I am singling out the following and if you want to know why, clicky on the cut. Some aren't even on my list but I consider friends anyway!

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