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I don't make many headers and normally only for myself. But, I downloaded Topaz filters (30 day free trial - so why not?) and have been playing around with them to see what I could come up with. I made the new header on my LJ journal and liked it so decided to play some more. Headers follow.

[3] Supernatural
[2] Sherlock (variation)
[3] Stargate SG-1

Stuck in the Middle with You )
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[37] Supernatural
[9] Jared, Jensen and Jeffrey

I'm a painted whore. )
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As many of you know - my contribution to the Seasonal Celebrations is my tacky Christmas icons. For the third year, I have been asked to make some Supernatural icons. So, without further delay, here are 11 Supernatural icons.

What are you going to tell me next, the Easter Bunny's Jewish? )
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[16] Alice (SyFy miniseries)
[13] Supernatural
[4] Lie to Me
[4] True Blood
[5] The Class - what?
[2] Glee
[2] CSI NY

Stop with the touchy self-help yoga crap! It's not helpin'! )
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[7] Alice
[7] NCIS
[5] Flash Forward
[5] Fringe
[5] Dawson's Creek
[8] The Mentalist
[2] Supernatural
[2] West Wing
[2] Mad Men
[2] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[2] In Plain Sight

OK - I may have gotten a little TOO experimental!

I can't let Peter die again )
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[13] Merlin
[13] The Mentalist
[5] Monty Python
[5] Supernatural
[2] Castle
[2] Battlestar Galactica
[2] Veronica Mars
[1 each] X-Files, Reaper, Sliders, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Tin Man, How I Met Your Mother

These sheep are laborin' under the misapprehension that they're birds. )
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[6] The Mentalist
[4] True Blood
[5] Farscape
[3] Supernatural
[2] Angel
[2] Battlestar Galactica
[2] Blood Ties
[2] Firefly
[2] The Monkees
[2] Dark Angel
[2] Fringe
[1] Sliders

Pit stop at Mount Doom? )
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[9] The Mentalist
[9] NCIS
[3] Roswell
[3] Supernatural
[2] Chuck
[2] Angel
[2] Jack and Bobby
[2] Sex and the City
[1] Brimstone
[1] The Monkees
[1] Rome
[1] Sliders
[1] Fringe
[1] Lost
[1] Sara Connor Chronicles

Eureka It's Greek for bingo. )


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