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[7] Doctor Who - cybermen requested by [profile] scandalbaby
[12] Firefly requested by [personal profile] shygryf
[8] NCIS requested by [personal profile] shygryf
[7] Torchwood requested by [personal profile] jedi_harkness
[1] Bones because I had the cap and wanted to make snow

This is the last of the request posts for tacky Christmas icons. I think I am about tackied out for this year. Check the tags for previous tacky posts!

Beware super-extreme tackiness )
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[16] Blue Bloods
[3] Castle
[3] Community
[3] Parenthood
[19] Haven
[3] Lost
[5] Sherlock

For the record, this place gives me the heebie-jeebies. )
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[16] Alice
[8] Burn Notice
[10] White Collar
[6] Chuck
[4] Mentalist
[5] Invasion
[6] More - Dawson's Creek, NCIS LA, Fringe, Cold Case, NCIS

We don't ask. We don't care. )
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[7] Alice
[7] NCIS
[5] Flash Forward
[5] Fringe
[5] Dawson's Creek
[8] The Mentalist
[2] Supernatural
[2] West Wing
[2] Mad Men
[2] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[2] In Plain Sight

OK - I may have gotten a little TOO experimental!

I can't let Peter die again )
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[9] The Mentalist
[9] NCIS
[3] Roswell
[3] Supernatural
[2] Chuck
[2] Angel
[2] Jack and Bobby
[2] Sex and the City
[1] Brimstone
[1] The Monkees
[1] Rome
[1] Sliders
[1] Fringe
[1] Lost
[1] Sara Connor Chronicles

Eureka It's Greek for bingo. )
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[13] NCIS
[15] The Mentalist
[2] My Name is Earl
[4] Criminal Minds
[5] True Blood
[3] Prison Break
[3] Heroes
[2] Gilmmore Girls
[2] Dark Angel

Hey, do you wanna go to work or do you wanna play nurse with King Tut? )
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[17] NCIS
[4] Stargate Universe (no spoilers other than casting)
[2] Smallville
[4] Supernatural
[10] The Mentalist
[4] Heroes
[5] Battlestar Galactica
[2] Leverage
[3] Fringe
[3] Joss Whedon - BTVS, Angel, Dollhouse

If we make it out of here alive, we are so breaking up. )
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[6] NCIS
[2] Charmed
[9] The Mentalist
[2] X-Files
[9] Flashpoint
[2] Chuck
[8] Lost - Richard Alpert

They help us free you, and we let them off the island. )
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[9] Flashpoint
[3] CSI
[6] NCIS
[3] 24
[6] The Mentalist
[8] Jeffrey Dean Morgan in PS I Love You (spoilers)
[4] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[1] Lost

Ain't no crime around here boss. )
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[11] NCIS
[6] Heroes
[3] Bones
[3] CSI NY
[3] House
[2] Dawson's Creek
[1] Lost
[1] Fringe

A whole bunch of varied TV icons mostly entries to [ profile] tv_icontests, [ profile] ncis_stillness and [ profile] icontest_ncis. Plus a few I made because of Turtle/Matt/Muggles love. I just made up my own slash - Turmamug.

My name is Cas - I watch too much TV and make too many icons. )
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[34] NCIS Icons
[8] Joe Flanigan
[3] Michael Weatherly
[1] Richard Burgi

Shameless pimp - We always need more entries over at [ profile] icontest_ncis. C'mon all you iconistas out there. You have a really good chance of winning!
Just so you know - these are pretty random other than I made them.

Like some species of frogs, I grow what I need )
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[37] NCIS
[3] Monkees
[1] Michael Weatherly from Dark Angel
[1] Illya Kuryakin from Man from Uncle
[3] Joe Flanigan as the FBI Guy
[5] Kavan Smith
[1] Major Lorne from Stargate Atlantis

An assortment of icons from various contests and just because!

Creativity can be random! )
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The NCIS greeting card I made using the icons I had created for various icontests was a big hit. My sweetie loved it. For those who might want a look.

PG 1 NCIS cardInside NCIS card

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Click on thumbnail to download the full size version. If it might make your sweetie happy, feel free to use. Comments appreciated.
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[35] NCIS
I make them because I can. Gonna make a card for my sweetie this Christmas with all the NCIS icons I made for him this year.

Naval gazing here )
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[6] NCIS
[6] Sports Night
[8] Kavan Smith
[3] Dusty

Please sir, I want some more )


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