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[7] Doctor Who - cybermen requested by [profile] scandalbaby
[12] Firefly requested by [personal profile] shygryf
[8] NCIS requested by [personal profile] shygryf
[7] Torchwood requested by [personal profile] jedi_harkness
[1] Bones because I had the cap and wanted to make snow

This is the last of the request posts for tacky Christmas icons. I think I am about tackied out for this year. Check the tags for previous tacky posts!

Beware super-extreme tackiness )
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[42] Doctor Who Icons

All mixed up but consider the source. Some Classic, some David Tennant and some New Who.

Did I mention it travels in time )
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I have been at it again - I have made more friends in addition to the dolls of The 9th and 10th Doctors, Rose and Captain Jack. Here

Of course, what is the point of having heroes without villains?

The fat just walks away )
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I received a couple of very nice Christmas presents from my LJ family at [[ profile] sga_icontest and [ profile] dw_epicontest]. Although I was basically "Christmas iconed-out" I decided to make a few more for some icontests. My goodness - I won first place in two contests as well as a third place and a best cropping. So before it is too late for this year, here they are.

Edited again - the world keeps spinning around me an I feel the need to edit. Don't panic.

A few more after the Holiday LJ cut )
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[41] Doctor Who (both new and classic)
[12] Doctor Who Actors (David, Billie and John Simm)

One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel. )


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