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2017-05-14 03:02 pm
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I'm mutating into a bug. How are you?

I am making icons again and enjoying the creativity! Here are some new Stargate Atlantis ones.

I'm baaaack.... )


Also posted on livejournal.

Say hi - it is the nice thing to do.
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Credit would be nice, it is appreciated.
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2013-03-24 12:26 pm

Call the Police - Icons

[17] Walking Dead
[24] Grimm
[23] Blue Bloods
[11] Castle

I have a bunch of icons I haven't posted so I am starting the cleanup. Another post or two to come.

Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood. You're the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town? )
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2012-10-04 05:39 pm

Headers to the Left of Me, Headers to the Right, Here I Am

I don't make many headers and normally only for myself. But, I downloaded Topaz filters (30 day free trial - so why not?) and have been playing around with them to see what I could come up with. I made the new header on my LJ journal and liked it so decided to play some more. Headers follow.

[3] Supernatural
[2] Sherlock (variation)
[3] Stargate SG-1

Stuck in the Middle with You )
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2012-09-26 08:42 pm

Humble thanks

Thank you so much to whoever paid for an years paid account for me. I have been very down for the last while and you kind gesture is very much appreciated. **hugs** and much love for your thoughtfulness and generosity.