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[12] Justified
[20] Lost Girl

If you have not seen Season 1 of Lost Girl and you are extremely sensitive to spoilers, don't click. Spoilers are largely wardrobe related however :D
It's kind of hard to stay mad at Raylan. )
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Another year - time to look back on the year in icons and make fun of my worst and pat myself on the back for my best :D

First the stats:

Stargate Atlantis - 218
Supernatural - 206 (ooh - catching up!)
Doctor Who - 111
Fringe - 74
SG-1 - 64
Torchwood - 49
Blue Bloods - 48
Sherlock - 43
Haven - 32
Actors - 24
Others - 170

Total - 1035 down from 1602 last year and about half of 2009 at 2084
Last year - in case you want to know

I entered 311 contests. Newest fandoms are Blue Bloods, Haven and Sherlock.

Here they are! )
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[7] Doctor Who - cybermen requested by [profile] scandalbaby
[12] Firefly requested by [personal profile] shygryf
[8] NCIS requested by [personal profile] shygryf
[7] Torchwood requested by [personal profile] jedi_harkness
[1] Bones because I had the cap and wanted to make snow

This is the last of the request posts for tacky Christmas icons. I think I am about tackied out for this year. Check the tags for previous tacky posts!

Beware super-extreme tackiness )
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The dreaded time has come. Time to start posting the tacky.

[2] Stargate Atlantis for [personal profile] fififolle
[12] Iron Man, Thor and Captain America for [personal profile] jedi_harkness
[9] Daleks for [personal profile] txduck

Proceed if you Dare )
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[37] Supernatural
[9] Jared, Jensen and Jeffrey

I'm a painted whore. )
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[20] Justified

If you don't watch this show, you should. Not for kids though!

The girl's got a gun...Yeah, who doesn't? )
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[15] Blue Bloods
[5] Walking Dead
[4] Doctor Horrible
[11] The Glades
[12] Haven
[16] Sherlock

Yes - I icon many, many shows!

Do all of your clients bleed this badly? )


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